I've been riding a cheap Mongoose for moderate singletrack, but the bike definately sucks. It occured to me then to use my Mom's Marin Stinson which she doesn't ride anymore anyway. It's got way better components, better wheels, better frame and is easily 5 pounds (or more, but its a huge difference) lighter. I chucked the stupid seat and put on some more aggressive tires to begin the conversion.

Now I want to get rid of the stupid adjustable stem which is always coming loose anyway and replace the fork with something else. It's an "Insync" fork and i'm assuming i'd be better off with a rigid one. I believe it's got 60mm of travel so I don't think a better suspension replacement can really be found. Or maybe not? I'm shooting for this thing to be lighter anyway.

Oh yeah, back to the dumb riser stem...what should I replace that with? I might just leave the suspension alone, but this definately has to go.

Thanks for any help