Hey, I was looking for an easier trail in simi valley to train on so I rode to "las llajas." While I was standing at the trailhead (which looks like a big street) several semi trucks carrying large trailers headed down the hill. I watched for about five minutes and they just kept coming! One of them sort of lost control a bit and locked his brakes up to prevent from crashing.

For all you simi valleyites out there...

Is there anyway to actually get to the trail, and more importantly where is it? Is there anyway to get there without being smashed by an out of control semi truck, or is there a day when they let up?

Hey, and what the hell are they doing anyway? I heard something about there being a dam being built, but since i've never heard of any rivers in simi its safe to assume that this is a government cover up and they are building some sort of alien communications area. Vulcan materials Inc is obviously not a real company and is a ploy to make you think that you protected somehow.

Be warned.