been riding latley, doing some trails at out woods (nothing special). We come across a tree that had fallen over, the routes dragging up loads of clay, so far we have built two alright jumps and 1 little one just to get us over a log. Theres 1 jump (our first 'decent' one)what i like to call the speed jump you get alot of speed for the small pace were in and alot of height. then our other one has a gap jump this is because we got tired of the usless shovels of clay and the 5 min walk there and back to get it. So we started digging a gap and saw the potential of another ramp. For this one we wasn't sure on speed so i was first to try it and went into a holly bush, so i go for it again aftewards not as much though, i'm in the same direction as the bush just where there was a small tree i Bruised all my knuckles, so i took the shovel to it and choped it down (the tree soon had it's revenge) this time i just roll down the hill (perfect speed) just landing on the front wheel and loosing the back end jaulting me off my bike and landing on the stump grazing all my stomache and chest, since the fall ive been trying some simple trick's (nothing to boast about)

So i was wondering if anyone has a link to guides or anything to help me with the saftey aspect and the feel good factor of tricks.

EDIT:;::....and people have been comenting on the fact my shogun xc200 isn't ment for it the only problem ive had with it was when i had a full days riding on-road/croos country/trails then to a bmx track wher i just gave it every thing to prove my self to some new friends i met up with all that happened is that i blew the bearings.