So, I have been planning on getting an exile SS for a while, but I've started considering some other options in these past few weeks. Mostly because it isn't available yet, but also because I don't know if I want to spend that kind of jack on a nice frame with crappy brakes, fork and wheels. I mean, maybe I'm missing something. Remote lockout is nice, but I'll break it. I break things. I think I'd break the wheels too. They look like the ones that came on my tass which I tacoed the front and broke 4 spokes on the rear and had to rebuild because the axles stripped so the bearings wouldn't adjust (though that's more the deore hubs fault, but still it's part of the wheel). So I've been considering a karate monkey, mostly because I like to change things up a bit, and I haven't heard one complaint from people who actually ride the 29ers. I also like the rigid fork action. I shouldn't be able to break that, and I have some other parts I can toss on there to help me build it up on the cheaper side of the exile. Anyone have any thoughts on either? I mean, right now I would rather get the jamis, I just wish it had better stuff on there. I mean sole brakes, come on!