I'm thinking of a trip to the Tucson area and wanted local input as to the mountain biking. Although I spent some time there several years ago, I'm unfamiliar with the trails. I'd like input regarding: the best time of year to ride (I'm thinking early Spring), the best trails, local group rides, and, possibly, local guides. The short of it is, what would you recommend for an intermediate/advanced rider looking for nice singletrack who will be spending 3 to 5 days in your backyard? Could I count on hooking up with local riders (maybe lbs-led group rides or bikeforums memebers)? Would trail maps be an adequate and safe way to ride solo? Would a local guide be a good idea? If so, who would you recommend? My idea would be to shack up in an inexpensive hotel, rent a car, and do several half-day type rides on great singletrack either solo or with a couple of other riders.

As always, thanks in advance for your input.