I own a 2002 Trek 4500 hardtail that I puchased earlier this year and I am thinking of upgrading my drive train down the road. I have entered a few threads concerning what F/S to buy or opinions on certain F/S bikes. Well, I have decided to stay with my hardtail for now and upgrade it. After the upgrading, I would like to buy a F/S frame and rear shock and put my upgrades from my hardtail on it. Most of the higher end bikes I have tested all come with a 9-speed drive train. Mine, of course, is an 8-speed set-up. Well, I would like to upgrade my bike to a 9-speed. On that note, here come the questions:

1. If I replaced the cassette with a 9-sp, does that mean I would have to change the chain, rings, deraillures, and shifters as well?

2. I noticed at Pricepoint.com that alot there 9-sp drive train components were mega-9 to be used with mega-9. Does this mean I would have to use all mega-9 deraillure components if I purchase a mega-9 cassette? In other words, do I have to use the same brand names?

I hope these aren't stupid questions. Any info on this or a web site that offers this info would be greatly appreciated. Thanx:confused: