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9-Speed (I think)
Shimano Deore/Deore LX FD/RD
Rockshox J3SL 100mm fork with lockout(The J3SL is the same as the J3 right?)
Awesome Frame (I've ridden it and I loved it and everyone says its good anyway)
Avid Juicy 5 for Disc Model (Optional, otherwise its Avid SD-3s)
Overall decent components

Overall it seems like an excellent bike, what do you think of it? I'm thinking of getting this, the basic US Rockhopper is 520$ MSRP so I'm guessing the Int model will cost anything from 680 to 800 where I live (this is based on the estimate a 380$ Hardrock Sport is 580$ here and a 600$ Hardrock Comp is 1000$) and a probably obscene amount for the Disc model, I'm fine with paying 680-800 (I can probably get a discount though) since I don't have much of a choice either but what do you think of the bike? How is the fork?

This is basically my only choice right now, if my LBS has it and has it at less than 800$ TOPS (I would really prefer it being 600-700 but I doubt it) then I will buy it.