I'm asking this because sadly the frame on my KHS Sport is just about to give up the ghost, the down tube is well... torn apart (right before the welding point) and while the bike is still rideable it will be just a matter of time before the tube rips apart completely.

See, I'm getting a new bike anyways for the rough stuff but I'd like to keep my current bike as a backup as its not bad, you think I could have someone weld the frame back together (or reinforce it with steel or something).

Will I need a new frame to save this bike? How would an okay steel frame go for, I don't need top of the line, just something rideable, around the 70$-150$ price range, I'm not asking for much but...

P.S: Oh by the way and to avoid an additional topics, when I saw my brother's beat up tennis racquets (2 titanium, one aluminum) I noticed the titanium racquets were not bent at all, they were pretty banged up but had little shreds and rips (don't know how to explain it) while the alum racquet was bent, I suppose titanium doesn't bend or something, wouldn't that make it a superb wheel material?