I now work part time at a bike shop . I work 55 hours a week as a manager in big box retail and the bike shop job is more for fun. My first day on the job consisted of learning how to unbox and assemble bikes to get them ready for the sales floor. I had also sold my first bike, it was a Trek 4300. I know, I know, you all don't like "Trek" but take a deep breath and get over it . I will be working about 10 to 12 hours per week.
I had stumbled across this shop(THIS IS NOT AN AD http://www.momentumcycles.com/ I REPEAT THIS IS NOT AN AD...I get paid by the hour not by the bike) looking for a certain feel that tells me I found the right one. You know...employees who stop doing what they are doing to say hi or ask if you have any questions. A shop with low pressure and an honest face with real knowledgable answers. I built a relationship with the shop owner and his workers over the last few months and decided to ask if I could work part time. What he was getting was a seasoned sales professional that will help his employees at his 3 locations be better at customer service and sales. One reason why I got the job was I wanted to immerse myself further in the cycling lifestyle. I ride as often as I can and really enjoy the action, the fitness and the social aspects. The other reason is that the discount is nice too .