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    Opinions on Specialized Hardrock Comp Disc

    Hey y'all. My friends and I are all avid hikers/campers and have recently decided to get into Mountain Biking. I really had my heart set on a full suspension bike, but once i saw the price tag on most of them, i think i'm going to go with a hardtail. Will there be any major disadvantages/advantages of having a hardtail over a full suspension? We went to a local bike shop and i really liked the Specialized Hardrock Comp Disc and was just wondering if anyone has any opinions on it. We will mostly be using them on mountain trails, and knowing how we usually are, will most likely give them some abuse. Any advice you could give will be greatly appreciated.

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    I have an 05 Hardrock Comp Disc. I love the bike, but I've had to put a little money into it. This is probably because I'm a big guy at 6'7" and like 270 lbs.


    Crankset sucks. I rounded the square taper BB, and bent the left arm. A month or two later, my friend did the same thing (only 180lbs).

    Fork is acting wierd. It seems as though the preload adjustments on the fork don't work. I'll be getting new springs for the fork though.


    Goes up to a 24" frame size.

    Priced very fairly.

    Wheelsets seem to be very nice. I mean, they hold up with me on it dropping 3-4 foot drops.

    Upgrade the cranks on this bike, maybe a couple other components down the road, and you got killer bike for the money. Plus, it's fun to upgrade!

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