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Thread: Bad Luck

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    Bad Luck

    Anyone else having really bad luck this season???

    I had big goals for this season, including racing and hopefully doing well in two local series, one 3 race series and one 6 race series. The race director of one of the 6 race series couldn't make up there mind of when to have there race (changed the date 5 times before settling on the weekend of one of the 3 race series I was signed up to do WTF!!!). So that made doing well 6 race series very difficult. Then on April 30th I passed out after a sprint on the road bike and crashed hard. This caused me to miss my next two races (one in each series, totally sinking doing well in the 6 race series and hurting my chances in the 3 race).

    I just had a follow up doctor's appointment from my crash and they have realized that I also managed to crack a rib in the crash and to expect it to take another 3 weeks to heal (and I was wondering why breathing deep on my rides hurt like hell ). I can still do my next race in less than two weeks (3 race series), but don't expect to be at 100%. So now I'm totally sunk in both series.

    I apologies for all the whining, but I just had to vent my frustrations and see if anyone else was having bad luck this season.



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    I don't know what it is but it seems like the bad luck comes when you are actually in shape and prepared for the races. This is the first year I have actually been training enough to be in contention. So far I have lost my pedal in one race, flatted in another, had the thread insert in my crankset come loose in another one. On top of that I have re-injured the broken bone in my foot.

    I never had any of these problems when I was simply pack filler.
    I may be fat but I'm slow enough to make up for it.

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