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    New fork for a K2 Attack 1.0

    Story is this: Got this bike last christmas (05) and everything is still factory. It works pretty well, good for commuting and the light-medium trails I ride on. But now, the front fork (suntour xc 60, '05) is squeaking and I've been looking for an excuse to upgrade.

    I looked at some forks, basing it mainly on cost to performacne and lifespan, and found the 05 manitou stance flow pretty attractive. Sad to say, looking on MTBR a good majority of the reviews are horrible.

    I'm not going to spend $300 on something thats going to crap out the day I get it.

    So does anyone have info on a good fork that's less then $300? Judging by the price range of "good" forks, this isn't an easy question to get a good answer to.

    EDIT: Would the Marzocchi Z1 SL be a good replacement?

    But, if anyone can help, it will be extremely appreciated.
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