Ok, so the problem is that i will be going back to India from Singapore soon. I have a decent MTB, which ive been riding here for a while. Specs asf: On-One Inbred 456 with Fox Vanilla RLC, Shimano LX drivetrain, AVid BB7s and decent cockpit parts etc.

The problem is that despite some strenuous googling, and searching on this forum, i have not been able to come across details of known trails in India for MTBing. There's quite a lot on the touring section, and quite a lot of conducted tours in the Himalayas and all.

What im interested is in trails near big cities, where you can just load up the bike in a car and do some riding for a day. Not multi-day commando touring across India. Of course, as an Indian myself, i guess i could find out the hardway by just roaming and riding. Just hoping that someone has done the hard work already. Hehe.