Yeah I have a 160mm Hope Gothic rotor on my Talus, and an Avid BB7 caliper (post mount)

I had problems with the rotor rubbing, and due to the shape of it, this makes a "ting ting" sound, which is highly annoying. After much adjusting of the caliper I either had poor braking performance, or the dreaded noise.

I finally figured it out...the rotor was very slightly warped. After 45 mins with a 6" adjustable wrench and a few caliper readjustments, I got it right. My guess is the caliper was about 1mm out of true, towards the inner pad.

I guess this shows the downfalls of the packaging of the rotor...namely a paper and plastic packaging.

Either way, this rotor is heads and shoulders above the shimano rotor I used to use (and sexy as hell too), but do be weary of warped rotors whenever your rotor is packed in a non-rigid packaging.