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    Does anyone have a SID with Pop Loc ?

    Just installed one and I am pretty sure the compression dial on the fork itself that the pop loc cable is attached to is faulty.
    It doesn't spring back to open position - in fact there is no spring in it at all. If I do not turn the dial on the fork manually it is in semi lock mode.

    The Reba pop loc I have springs back to open pretty firmly when released.

    Am I missing something with the SID or do I need to get it replaced as I suspect ?

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    My SID World Cup pop lock appears to travel properly from locked to unlocked. The dial does not line up to the exact same point for both though. There is about a 1.5mm difference. I cannot move the dial by hand once it's fully locked or unlocked. My pop lock controls both the front and rear shocks which may make a difference, but I can't imagine why.. I hope this helps.
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