Hello all! A co-worker of mine pointed me to these forums... I enjoy them and have done a lot of research lately to try and find the proper bike for myself and narrowed it down to the following:
(in order of cheapest to most expensive)

1. 2005 Specialized Rockhopper Comp
2. 2004 Specialized FSR XC
3. 2005 Trek 6700 Disc
4. 2005 Specialized FSR XC
5. 2006 Specialized Rockhopper Comp Disc
6. 2005 GT IDXC 3.0

I see some other people considering a few of these bikes lately and thought perhaps you could help me from experience with any of them.

Riding style - well during the week most of the riding will be on pavement and hard dirt trails - mostly for exercise. During the weekends though, will be a mix of hills and cross-country riding. I need something that is still fun to ride on pavement though during the week but won't be trying to set any speed records - so if the bike is slower than others it doesn't really matter - extra weight on the bike is the least of my concerns . I only really included the full-suspension bikes since they are in the same price range and seem like good bikes.

I am about 6'2 and 230-240 - so that might be a factor in my consideration as well.

Thank u for any advice you can provide!