Hey guys,
I'm new to posting on the board, but not new to reading....
I am planning on purchasing a bike for myself in the range of $1300-$1800, and one for my girl in the range of $600-$1000.
I am pretty set on Gary Fisher, have tried a couple out and love the way they ride. I like the Tassajara disc GS for my girl, and for myself it's a toss up between the Ferrous, X-Caliber, and Paragon. I know they're completely different bikes, and the price range is about $500 but what are your thoughts on the differences in the components between the three and what wont i notice as much in the componentry? Also, I know it's the difference between a 26" and a 29", so i'm in a real jam!!!!

Anyone give me a few pointers. Thanks!!!