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    Older guys & older bikes

    Had this guy show up at the house today, DD for some friends, and he saw my kid's road bike on the porch. Went on to tell me how light & strong his mongoose was, and that my kid could ride it any time... I explained to him that the kid's roady was a $200 used bike for training, and the his mTB weighed way less than the road bike.... He argued for a while, and then picked up the road bike, only to find that even IT was lighter than his beloved Mongoose. Sometimes I wonder what non Mtbers think about all this weight nonsense........ and then my kid tells me about his latest journey, and I wonder how his journey would turn out without the back-up car to come get him when he's 30 miles from home & it's pouring rain. Not something I grew up with, let alone a cell phone to call for help.

    The old dude with the Mongoose thougth he had a pretty nice bike until he met my kid.

    What bubbles are worth bursting?

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    Darn kids and their fancy bikes......they ruin it for all us old guys.
    Like a circus monkey on a stolen Harley......

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