I had bought a mountine bike last year from a bike shop the owner said it was a very hard to find bike and as far as the internet and sarcen site itself it seems so.
Ha anyone ever herd or seen a scarcen extrem mountine dual suspention bike before not a down hill one as ive seen plety of them on the net .
Please help as i would like to know if this bike still exsites anywhere im not that imprsed with the new style frames comming out this was a lightwahight frame ,chrom silver frame with pruple spokes ,Shenmue finger gear middle range system 24 speed .I know sarcen are very colour oritated on thire years but have not been able to trace a nother one as mine was hanisly stollen from me before i even got to inshure it .
I have been told i got a bargen at 200 as the bike was a orginly 600 .
But since then i have not been able to trace the same bike or year can anyone help ?