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    which new MTB to buy?need help understanding

    looking to buy a new MTB.
    need a good all arounder.
    there will be more dreams than reality riding,but i want a bike that looks and feels the part.
    [hey i gotta look at it every day]
    it will see some up hill stuff and some down hill stuff.
    some streams,river beds,forest, trails,stairs[very little] ,and 20 mls of street riding 3days a week. some
    riding w/my kid's.
    mostly me riding about looking for trouble.
    here is what i'm looking at.....
    Rockhopper rh-$412.00w/fork lock out,Fisher wahoo $439.00w/disc,Hardrockcomp disc $480.00w/disc, Hardrock sport$300.00 ? [dont know why],fFsher marlin $479.00w/fork lock out, or the Iron horse warrior comp $519.00 w/disc.

    i have been told disc brakes in this range are junk.
    been told its better to have the lock out over the disc in this price range and that its more important.
    been told that rim brakes in this range are often as good as the disk brakes, and lees sacrifice in other components!
    so any input here would be great!!!!


    i have not riden the bikes yet, san's the Marlin.
    i kinda like the way the Rockhopper and the Hardrock look!


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    Suggest goto Please Read Before asking Question: MTB FAQ.

    That aside, I have a GF Marlin. Not the best spec'ed bike, and looking for an upgrade - but what I can say is I have done nearly everything there is to do with a MTB - with this bike. I can't speak for the other bikes, but the Marlin will last you a long time and I consider it a good, strong entry bike.

    I have done 100km road races, 70km MTB classics and shorter, very technical rides with it, and the only thing to go wrong is the pre-load nut on my shock siezed. This bike as been hammered over some very tough terrain and just keeps on going.....

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