For those of you in/around Colorado Springs...I found a pretty cool satellite image of Ute Valley Park with the trails hi-lighted. Now before you start flaming me...I know Ute Valley isn't the most challenging or techincal area around here, but when you don't have a lot of time or need to catch something quick on your lunch break - it does just fine :-)

Believe me, I'd much rather hit Palmer Park (mmmmm....Edna Mae and Templeton Trail) or the many trails in Cheyenne Canyon (Cap'n Jacks, the Chutes, Buckhorn - damn, I hate climbing Buchorn)...I can't wait until the snow melts. I also got some pics of a Cheyenne Canyon ride, as well as some pics near the top of Buckhorn.

Ute Valley Image -

Cheyenne Canyon Ride -