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    Buying either a FSR enduro or Big Hit Comp...opinions please!!(long...)

    Hey guys, need help choosing my new bike. First a little background about myself and riding style.

    30 years old, grew up racing BMX. Started riding road bikes in high school, bought first mountain bike in 1991. My riding style is fairly smooth, like technical downhills. Not a big fan of huge drops. I used to ride with a good freind of mine, well he has a child on the way, wont be riding too much. (We used to stop at the top of this Technical downhill singletrack. Take turns chasing the leader down, trying to pass on the switchbacks, what a blast!!) Im about 25 lbs overweight now (bought a road bike over the winter, commited to cancer ride and MS150, IN TRAINING!!)

    Now On to the bikes...

    Not concerned about blasting up climbs, just want a fun trail bike. Yhat is a an OK climber. Looking at an FSR enduro, 100m up front, 5.2 in the rear. But after reading the reveiws on MTBR, seems like the BIGHIT is a decent climbing bike. I would love to race in some Beginner DH races, for fun, I love fast singletrack. If I buy the big hit, bike would be ok for that. Would like to hear from some Big hit owners, how is you bike for XC trail riding??? My sunday rides are fun rides with my freinds, Not high pace, except on the decends.
    thanks in advance
    1997 Specialized FSR(mountain)
    Hayes Discs
    Judy XL
    2002 Giant ACR3 (road)

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    I am a soon to be bighit owner, but havnt actually rode the bike for more than 10 minutes. I did buy an 02 enduro 3 months ago so I can comment on that.

    Bottom line, if you want to race downhill, whether that be beginner or whatever, the enduro probably wont cut it unless you modify the components. All I can tell you without giving you misinformation is that the enduro will let you have much more fun on the trails than the bighit. It will climb better, have a lighter feel, and still be able to blast over the rough terrain with the 5 inches in the back. Yes the bighit can be used for xc purposes but in some cases you will wish you had a lighter bike. The enduro is one of the better all mountain bikes out there an will suit your needs great. You could also try upgrading the componentry make it more suitable for downhill.

    Bottom line, if your going to get into downhill, and will be doing that more than anything else, get the bighit. If your riding mostly trails, and singletrack, with an occasional recreational downhill race, the enduro should be ok.

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    Would like to hear from some Big hit owners, how is you bike for XC trail riding???
    It kicks ass. I hang with the XC racer guys on our singletrack on everything but the really *looooooong* climbs.

    As soon as the terrain turns downward, I school em'.

    The BH really doesn't feel that "heavy" on the trails believe it or not. It only feels heavy when you go to put it in your bikestand. lol.

    I'm putting a Jr.T 03' on mine here in a few days, which will bump the weight to 38LBS total. I'll comment on it after that, but with the stock DJ2, the bike handles awesome on the trails. The rear end is perfect. I dont like the DJ because it doesn't soak up the "Quick jitters" and high-speed bumps.... (it's an urban / jumper fork ok?). So.. I'm switching to a Jr.T for 7" of travel, and all-around great performance.

    Anyways, It's a great bike. I've been very satisfied with mine. Put an Avid Rollamajig on the rear derailleur, and it makes it even better!

    Got Nine Inches ? Cuz I do.

    AIM: MtnBikeHucker

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