So I get out of work this morning at 0700, as I work the over night at a college. I've been really thinking about taking the bike on the car and ride early morning. As I digress, so I get something done before the LBS opens at 11 Am. I really wanted a Rise bar, so I ended up with a Specialized Low Rise. Pick it up, go home put it on the bike, then ride the bike back to the shop to get it sized for a "bash Ring" and a few other small thing. After leaving the shop, I have about a 10 minute ride home but I can't seem to get the bike to point in that direction.
I end up at my place of work to ride the trails there. I was alone, but I told a few people what I was doing and had my phone so help wouldn't be far if needed (which it was )

And here comes the bad news, I was riding old, really old fire roads, All marked trails but with A LOt of Mud, it was great I made it as far in as I wanted to and switched back to return on another road. Well I see this HUGE mud pit with ice and snow in the middle, think oh great, Unclip my pedals and find the white stuff has the best traction and make it through with a smile on my face Then I come upon another mud pit but without the Ice/snow, Figuring for the best, I just take it... That was my first mistake, the second was unclipping and trying to set a foot after I lost momentum... I sunk up to my knee... and heard a soft POP...
I think it was my hip, as this has happened before. I get on the horn and some one is on the way to pick me up with my car and rack. I make it out of the woods, shaking as the pain increases. Actually make it to my maintinance building to spray the bike off and then to meet my friend. Get the bike home and me to the hosp. Nothing broken, just a stretched ligament.

I might be nuts but I am limping aas I will be for a few more days, but I can't wait to get back out there...

Hope everyone else's day was better.

Mikey B