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    Decent SEMI/SLICKS?

    Hi all,

    I wont be doing much XT riding so im looking to replace my tires on my Kona Cinder 04. Im doing mostly road/dirt path riding now and im feeling quite a bit of resistance and im being held back in terms of speed from my bike.

    I dont know if I should be looking at either semi-slicks or slicks. I have been recommended the specialized fat boy tires - good choice? Ive just seen a picture of them and im slightly worried if i'll have enough grip (even though as I said ill be doing mostly road for a bit now). Also the weather is geting bad now.

    What are other decent makes/models?

    Thanks guys!

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    I am a big fan of IRC MYthos XC slicks. Pretty light and still some nice traction if need be.

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