Made my first ride today through the Woodlawn Trustees Property and Brandywine State Park trail systems. Learned a few things today from the ride.

Progress takes time. Been doing months of work on my trainer and not that much better than I was in December, I guess nothing makes up for real trail time.

I need padded bike shorts. OMG I landed hard a few times. Had some logs with smaller logs ramping up to it, larger than I am used to doing, ouch.

Clipless woulda helped a good bit too!

At least a suspension seatpost if not a FS woulda been really nice with all the rocks I came across.

Overall I had a great time, it was really nice t actually get out again. It would have been 100 times better if the weatherman woulda been right. Up until last night it was supposed to be sunny and in the low 70;s today. Apparently a front stalled causing it to be 50 and cloudy today. Oh well. I did do better on hill climbs for the most part. Was in either a higher gear or actually made it the whole way up this time around. So some progress was seen.