Putting on the mobster was by far the hardest i've had to deal with. I first got it on after 30 min, had it on the bike, and realized the roatation direction was the wrong way. So this morning I put it on the right way, and put it on my bike. A minute later it was flat, and the tube was cut pretty bad somehow. I patched it up, but I think there is another hole also. So finally I got it on and wow today that tire is awesome, especially in cornering or riding along slopes. The pedals were really nice too other than the cheap 505's that came on my bike, which squaked everytime I tried to ride on the "platform" side. For 20 bucks, I think it was worth it for the new ones that originally cost $45. I wouldn't mind installing an X9 as the rear derailler now. I didn't think SRAM would be better than Shimano, but now I much prefer their drivetrain components, especially since they feel more solid and efficient. Here's some quick picks. It was a pain to get the stock pedals off