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    Disc Brake upgrade help needed

    Hi All,
    I want to upgrade the disc calipers on mu 2001-02 Cannondale with a lefty Fork.
    It still has the original magura julies. The front is 180 mm and the rear is 160 mm. Unfortunately it has a four bolt front lefty hub. The mounts are international standard.
    I want to get some shimano lx or xt calipers with dual control levers but I'm not sure if the caliper will fit the 180mm disc on the front. Would it be reasonable to assume that the old Julie caliper which is bolted straight to the mounts could be directly replaced by the shimano caliper and standard adapter. The reason that I am asking is of course they are much cheaper to buy on the 'net so I don't want to go and hassle my lbs with questions if I am not going to purchase from them.

    Any comments greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Jock,

    You can fit any shimano caliper to 180mm (7in). All you need is conversion adapter for 180 (7in). If you can't find it (adapter) on the net, then you should go to Fabrication shop just like we usually do in our place.
    so don't hesitate to get want you want but try to get some idea in lbs regarding this matter.

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