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    What VG Cross Country Wheel?

    I bought my bike used, and it has been gone over by the previous owner with very nice componentry. I am thinking upgrading the rear wheel for it's Spring debut might be nice.
    The bike is a Kula Deluxe weighing about 24 pounds in a 19 inch. The front wheel is a Mavic 717 with an XT hub. The rear is a Shimano 525 hub with a Sun DS1 rim.
    The bike is used for Cross country, no real drops. I am shy going downhill too. I am 180 lbs. IS there a Hub and rim anyone can suggest for top quality and light weight. If I can get 95% of the quality for 70% of the price by not buying too designer a label that would be good. ((Don't need them to look like jewellry)

    Bob S.
    05' Kona Kula Deeluxe, 91' Miyata 1000LT, 86' Kuwahara Apollo Beater

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    I'm not sure if you wanted disc or not but these are a great buy!

    Or were you set on buildin your own?
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