Throw me a vine!

First, please point me in the direction of definitions of XC, all-mountain, etc.

Second, what do you think of Raleigh's Talus Team Hardtail w/XT (except Avid BB7 discs and Deore hubs) and Rock Shox Recon fork for $900. I wasn't in the market for a mtn bike, but it caught my fancy (my current mountain steed is a '87-'88 Trek 8000). Before I impulsively buy this former demo bike (maybe a trail demo and not just an "around the block" demo), please shoot me some expert feedback:

(1) with a bit of online research, the price doesn't look good at all now, since it seems that the bike was selling for ~$1000 new in '05 (maybe the "Team" version was nicer than the other Talus models?) and the XT group can be had for ~$500

(2) Raleigh makes a nice bike, but few are of the Talus lineage, which makes me wonder quite a bit

(3) is this model a heavy bike hardtail?

It's important to note that I'm a weight weenie roadie that occasionally hits the trails. Nothing sketchy, just dirt trails w/small loose rocks. It's this or completely pass until the next "deal" catches my eye. Would you do it in my shoes?!