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    Norco Bushpilot vs Norco Mountaineer + accesories

    Im currently looking to order a new mountain bike and i have 2 options atm. Buy a cheap mountain bike and get accesories like speedometers etc, or get a more expensive bike and get nothin

    The 2 bikes im looking at are....
    Norco Bushpilot $630 AU
    Norco Mountaineer $420 AU and kit it out for around the same price as the bushpilot (speedometer, city slickers etc. like i said earlier)

    Any ideas or suggestions what would be better for me at this time would be appricieted. I will mainly be riding into and around town but id like the option to be able to go offroad too, bearing in mind im not going to be that rough with the bike.

    Also like to note that that i've only rid a cruddy kmart huffy a few years back and im only just starting to ride again
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    Personally .... and don't take this to hold too much water because you can get better advice from a whole lot of people around here .... but personally, I'd go ahead and get the Mountaineer for what it sounds like you're doing.

    I also come from a shoddy-bike lineage. Huffys, Magnas, etc .... but I have a GT (a pretty nice bike, actually, for the money) that is nearing the end of its service because I'm trying to buy a new mtb, but I used it mostly just to just get around town and then occasionally hit some light-to-moderate trails. With a tire change before the trails, it handled fine. It wasn't a hot-rod bike or anything. It was cheap(-er) and reliable, and I was able to put trinkets on it like computers and that kind of thing. I think that for the money, you will get much more out of the Mountaineer.

    Norco makes solid bikes, it would be pretty hard to go wrong ... and if a component breaks after time (that's where the price margin hides, is in the components) then it's usually easy to replace.

    So yeah. My suggestion would be to buy the Mountaineer and go ahead and add a computer, semislicks, more comfy seat, whatever you want. I think that that would be the more rewarding path than your alternative.

    But that's just me.
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