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    Felt Mountain bikes - newbie here

    Wow! You guys are great! Lots of info to chew on for newbies like me! I appreciate it and I appreciate re-posting the $500-range thread as well as the Solo Rider Musings.

    In scanning through the $500-range thread I saw no mention of Felt bikes, plus, to be fair a lot of the posts were from years ago. I understand that at this level that information is still invaluable. I want to know if anyone has any opinions on Felt Mountain bikes, though...?

    I know $700 isn't alot in the scheme of all that can be spent on these bikes and the sport in general, but I want that first chunk to go in the best place possible, since I'm not so likely to be re-building my own bike component-by-component. Who knows, though? If I stick around here, I'll surely be inspired to! However, I need to at least start with a good frame... What's the reputation of Felt? Anybody got anything to say on this?

    Thanks for all your help! Again, you've been great!

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    For that price you will be looking at the Q620 or Q720. I don't own one but the shop i frequent is a dealer so i've looked at the bikes a lot.

    They are good bikes like most in this price range. It really is hard to go wrong. Just go ride some bikes and pick the one that feels right to you. That gets said all of the time on here, but really your input from sitting on and riding the bike is the most important.

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