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Thread: Hi I'm NEW

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    Hi I'm NEW

    Hey what's up BikeForums. I'm new here and the bike world. I've road bikes before but was never to serious other then just a ride through a park on sundays.

    Well I was wondering, I know you guys probably answer this a billion times a week, for 800 dollars what can I get ? this has to include everything from the lock, hemet, gloves and the bike. I've read about the Giant Iguanas and the Giant Iquana Discs, but I get different things from everyone that reviews them.

    Also another question, is it worth it to get a used bike ? There are a lot of used bikes in my area that are pretty tempting and I'm not sure what to look for, or even if I can fit the bike. I'm 5'8.5" and my torso is a bit long ( okay okay i got short legs). Thanks for all your help guys and I hope to be on here very often.

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    Hey ugeancee,

    Welcome to the forums. Yes, that question gets asked all the time, if you do some reading here you'll find the answers you need, but here goes again for your benefit:

    Lock? - What kind? For a good U-lock figure $25-30.
    Helmet? - Prices start at $25 and go up to $150. The more expensive, the lighter they are and more vent to keep your head cooler. They all must past the same tests, so they all protect you about the same. A decent, nice looking helmet is aroung $40-50.
    Gloves? - Large selection as well. I like full-fingered Moto-cross type gloves. Fox makes some great ones, I also like my Answer Products gloves. I tend to pay $20-25 for mine.

    That leaves you about $700 for the bike, not including tax.

    You can get a wide variety of great bikes for that. Go to all, I mean ALL, your local shops and ride as many different bikes in your price range to get a feel for the different bikes. After a couple rides, you'll educate yourself on what "feels" good and what doesn't. Don't even get into comparing compenents or colors or anything. First find 3 bikes that "FEEL" the best. If you're not comfortable, you won't ride.

    Once you've narrowed it down, then do some comparison shopping.

    Used bikes are a good choice IF and only IF you know what to look for. There are great deals available, but there are a lot of abused bikes too. Caveat Emptor! A used bike is good, if you have a buddy knows a lot and can help you with the process.

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