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    Participants for sports science research (mountain biking)

    Hi everybody, I am hoping that a few of you might be able to help me with locating some competitors for the Crocodile Trophy mountain bike race in Far North Queensland in Australia or alternatively point me in the right direction of some that may know. As I understand many of the participants are European so again if you have a particularly effective way of getting information to this cohort it would be terrific.

    I have been successful in obtaining some research funds for this particular race but it is a pretty limited field and contacts are difficult to come by. As many of you know, its an incredible race and an excellent opportunity for me to try and obtain some data to further this under researched area.

    I have contacted some clubs and am awaiting reply but in the mean time I thought I would cast my net a little wider and post here.
    If anybody knows anyone who can assist me in providing some information on competitors who might be interesting in participating in a research study, I would really appreciate it if they could email me at: and I can provide them with more information.

    I would not usually put my email up in this situation but to have obtained funds to carry out the research is fantastic so I want to do everything possible to obtain participants.

    Thanks and cheers.

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    If you plan to do a scientific research and have funding, how about contacting the race organisers directly? They could send your contact info and a brief description of your study to all participants.

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    I'd probably ask on That is an Australian based MTB site, there is a forums section with over 10,000 users. Pretty much all MTB clubs in Australia are represented on it, quite often by the event organizers and presidants. Post up in there, lots of people will be willing to help.
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