Hi, all. I've been riding Time ATAC Aliums for a few years (I have pairs on all of my bikes). I'm curious if it's worth looking at a pair of ATACs with an inboard (crankarm-side) bearing as well. To that end, do the XE or XS pedals have an inboard bearing? From looking at pictures, it definitely looks like there's space (compared to the skinny axle in the Alium pictures), but I haven't been able to find any definitive statement one way or the other.

Also, with regard to the older soap bar ATACs with the massive inboard bearing, do folks have issues getting them tight enough or getting them off given that they don't have pedal wrench flats?

Returning to my main question, though, my Aliums all rotate well, but I haven't ever had an opportunity to ride a pair of ATACs with the extra bearing, so I'm not sure what sort of differences there might be.