I need a decent bike for the summer to commute to and fro from college and maybe try a hand at mountain biking. I have the following offer for a Raleigh M80:

...an older (late 90s?) Raleigh M80 mt bike but the front rock shox is now rigid, which makes it a perfect commuter. It needs nothing mechanically.

This bike is a 24 speed bike (8 back, 3 front). The front shock no longer bounces so it is like a rigid fork. It shifts like a dream and it is in really good shape. There are a few nicks with rust spots.

It is not a cheap bike with off brand components. It has decent shimano components and new flat pedals. I would guess it is probably 8+ years old but not used all that much...

Is it worth it? I don't want to spend a lot for a bike I might just use for 3 months and $100 seems just about right.

Your reply would be greatly appreciated.