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    Disc Brake Adapter Incompatibility

    Hi all, I am running a Fox 36 Talas fork with a saint hub/rotor/caliper setup. I bought a 203mm adapter (hayes brand) that goes from the 51mm IS mount on the fork to the 74mm style mount on the caliper. Everything fits as it should, except... the adapter is too wide and the rotor will not hits it. So the clearance issue is with the adapter, not the caliper. The adapter shoves the whole thing(caliper and adapter)to close to the spokes so that the whole thing is too far over by maybe just a tad less than a 1/4 inch. Any ideas here? Will a different brand of adapter help? It seems like they would all be very similar. Or do I just grind it down till it works? Thanks!

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    Your fork uses a 20 mm through axle, correct?

    Only thing I can think of is your using a 20 mm through axle adapter on a fork with 10 mm drop outs.

    Edit: Oh wait, you said your using Shimano Saints. You might need Shimano's adapter if you are using Shimano's center lock rotors.
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