Hi all,
my name's Chris, I'm 16 and I live in the countryside in England. I've just recently had my bike serviced, and am after an impartial and honest opinion on how suited my bike is to the kind of cycling I want to be doing.

I enjoy doing jumps and pretty heavy duty off-roading. There's a woods near I live with lots of jumps from little 18" kickers to larger 4-5ft jumps, so ultimately I want to have a bike that can handle those kinds of jumps.

So far it seems to be doing OK on the smaller jumps and medium off-road terrain, the major two points I would like to improve is the traction and the braking. I am looking for some upgrade tyres, and so far, these look to be the most promising. Does anyone have any experience with them, or could they recommend a better tyre , prefferably around the same price range?

The other thing I would like to upgrade is the pedals, as at the moment, I have a tendancy to slip on the current ones (plus, I think the black plastic ones look slightly tacky). How about these?

Whole bike pic (NOTE 1: The back tyre needs a new inner tube! Completely flat. NOTES 2: Yes, the seat is held together with duct tape ):

New front forks fitted:

Back view:

Any comments appreciated.