Anyone have any experience, good or bad with these bars ?

I just got a set delivered, haven't even put them on the bike yet but what kind of put me off is that the bar end section of the bars are narrower (22.2mm) than the clamp or grip section (25.4). I guess I'll use cloth tape to wrap the narrower section of the bars so that when I go over the entire bar with regular bar tape it'll all be the same diameter.....

Until now I had been running a standard bar with Profile OS Boxer bar ends. I like them because they are oversize and I climb out of the saddle alot and like my hands on the bar ends. My only issue is that during normal riding the palms of my hands naturally rest right on the transition point between the bar end and the handlebars. On longer rides this can sometimes become uncomfortable. Since the Delta bars are one piece I'm hoping I can avoid this pressure point.