I also posted this on road cycling forum, but it's also relevant here, so here goes...

I've decided to change out the road pedals on my road bike for a pair of Shimano M520 for ease of walking on mtb shoes and also I could clip in/out way faster w/ the M520 than the KEO. Maybe if I get into more competitive cycling, I'll consider using the KEO again.

Now I got a pair of Sidi Zeta Road Shoes that I absolutely love--fits so damn good!--(the other pair are shimanos mountain shoes, fits ok, but not as "holy cow, theses are awesome" as the Sidis). The soles are smooth. It does have hole patterns to fit the SPD cleat. But how can I install the SPD cleat on and make it still walkable? I've seen Shimano SH-71 that comes w/ pontoons:


Will this Shimano SH-71 works with a mountain pedals? Or you guys have any other suggestions?