Picking up the final parts tomorrow, and it _Should_ be built by Wendsday.

I'll just list some of the parts now so you can get the idea, it's not a great bike but it will get the job done for me till I can pick up another rig.

Frame: 2006 Jamis Komodo.
Fork: 2003 DJ1.
Brakes: Hayes Nine, 8".
Headset: Chris King.
Stem: Azonic Shorty.
Bars: Azonic Chubby.
Shifters: Deore LX.
Dérailleur: XT short cage.
Front wheel: Formula hub, Mavic 321 rim, Michelin rubber.
Rear wheel: Formula hub, Mavic 219 rim, Maxxis Minion rubber, Sram cassette, 9spd.
Cranks: Dunno yet, getting some tomorrow.

Like I said, nothing like what I have ridden previously, but it'll do for now. Season is just getting started.