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    Worth keeping up?

    Sorry if this is an ignorant post, first time poster.

    I've recently started to get more serious about riding in general. I purchased a Mongoose "Sycamore" from a Local Bike Shop (LBS right?) about 10-12 years ago circa 95-96. It has a chrome moly frame, Shimano Alivio deraulers, shifters and crankset (I assume on the crank and shifter part as I don't have access to it at the moment). It also had Altus hubs and altus brakes.

    The reason I'm looking for info is that I just got my wife a Trek 4500. Riding around on hers got me to noticing some of the stuff on mine.

    - the shifting isn't exactly smooth and takes a bit of finesse with the grip shifters at times
    - the rims on front / back are out of true
    - the chain / gear combo hasn't been serviced probably since I bought it
    - the front brakes were rubbing so I disconnected them, the plastic housing the tension spring is in cracked and wont' keep a consistent pressure on them
    - the rear brakes are rubbing (out of true rims I suppose)

    So I'm going to take it in and get a quote on getting it back into decent shape but I'm curious to get an opinion from people here. While the components aren't awesome or even considered good (by todays standards) I'll have about $85 dollars into it once the tune-up and a set of new front brakes are installed. Just curious to get some opinions as my wife and I would like to start going on some trails on top of our normal riding. If I get a call saying I need new rims, tires, components etc and the dollar signs start ringing up I'll drop the cash on a new bike but until then what are the opinions on whether I should hold out or not?

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    My rule of thumb is not what the bike is worth, but what it will cost to replace it. I recently spent $230.00 replacing the drive train on my commuter, could have bought a new (cheap) one for $250.00, but the frame and components made it worth while to keep the old one...they just don't make bikes like this anymore

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