I am a major newbie when it comes to biking. I haven't even been on a bike for 18 years now. I went to a local bike shop today, and after talking to a saleswoman she recommended a Fuji Nevada 4.0. She recommended it because of my build (a 13" frame), and wanting a bike that can go off road if I need to. She said they didn't have the frame I would need, but they could get it. She also told me I could come by and test drive any model that I wanted.

I just want to know if the Nevada 4.0 is a decent bike. I don't want to spend an arm & a leg for a first bike. Is it decent quality that should last a couple of years with proper maintenance? Also is there another brand that is recommended in the $300 range? This shop is also a dealer for Trek bikes. Just basically looking for a basic mountain bike with a small frame as I am only 5'4".