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Thread: Northstar?

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    anyone going?

    I'm planning a trip up there with 2 hardtails and medium-advanced skill level. i'm not looking to hit anything above a blue square, but i was just wondering what the conditions are like up there? I just don't wanna go up and be upset that all the trails are hardcore downhill. i checked the northstar website and looked at some of the pics and most of them looked like jumps and rocks, and i suspected those were the blackdiamond/dbdiamond trails? i'm looking for some technical singletrack with climbing, flowyness :]

    looking for anyone who's been up at northstar?
    can a hardtail handle the trails?
    which trails might you suggest for a hardtail?

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    Haven't gone yet, but deffinetly plan on it! As far as trails go, a buddy at my shop races up there, and his dad tags along (prob about 48) and he says he enjoys riding up, then hitting the squares and circles down. He says that they are just super fun, fast, not tech trails. He has a XC FS by the way.

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