I'm on my second season with my '06 Rig and I have concerns with rear wheel rub. I had noticed it last season, but it seems to be getting worse. It happens mostly under high-torque climbing. I'm an average sized guy...5'11" 185lbs.

1) How can I tell if it's the frame or the wheel bending?

2) The wheel isn't exactly centered on the bottom triangle, can I re-true the wheel to correct for this...i.e. tighten one side of the wheel more than the other [slightly]. Will this just result in a catastrophic failure!!!!

I love the bike, but this is really starting to get annoying and I'm seeing noticeable frame wear because of it too!

FYI...I also bought the '07 Supercal 29er and split my time on this...same rear wheel setup, but no rubbing. I do realize that the full-suspension will handle the stresses differently.

BTW...the Supercal is an awesome bike...can never decide which bike to ride!!! )