I am redoing my 97 gt avalanche, going for a blacked out look. Problem is, I want to keep most of the parts from around that time, too. I found some nos xtr brakes and levers, and want to find some matching cranks. I have a new Race Face BB, which is square taper, and was wondering if the XTRs from that time were ever made square taper like the lx and xt models. I am looking for a set with arms exactly like these pictured below, just with a square taper.

8spd/9spd doesn't matter - i am going to be running the bike s.s., so i am just going to be using the middle ring, and taking off the inner. i have custom made a chain guard for the outer ring that i am currently using with an XT crankset. (it is just for a clean look)

And one last question - a long shot - anyone know the bolt spacing on the middle rings?