So I went to my local bike shop today because i was in the market to get new better and stronger cranks and I came across the FSA Pounder Bash Crankset which i automatically fell in love with and because it gets rid of my Big Sprocket as I was looking to cut down on the gears anyway from 27 to 18 because i never use the others. So I decided that i should pick them up as my mom told me I got $300 to spend for my birthday ( I will be 23) so I decided to pick up the cranks and order the New Fox Rampage Helmet. So out the door for the cranks was $204.71.

So here is the major deal! Once I got home I decided to do some research on them and look at some reviews (which by the way, I have only read good about them) and I just so happened to come across this deal ( ) which ends on the 15th and was blown away! So I automatically jumped on the steal and will be going back to one of my LBS tomorrow and returning them. Now that means I can get my Launch Knee pads also! Sweet deal.

Just my opinion sorry about the long read but hey! Maybe it will benefit someone else in the market for some a new Crankset. Just looking out for others