Well I raced in a circuit race this morning in the Tour of KC and after the carnage was over a broke down and allowed a riding buddy of mine to convince me to go mountain biking (real mtb) for the first time. He was able to track down someone with an extra bike (awesome 1995 trek gp200 softail I think?) and I was off. We went to Landahl Park in Blue Springs, MO (outside of KC) and all I can say is that is the most fun I have ever had on two wheels. After two years of rec riding on the road combined w/ some racing here and there, this is by far the most fun I have ever had. We went on the trails for about two hours and I had a blast. The only peice of advice that was given to me before we went on our way was "if you ain't crashin' you ain't learnin'"....that being said, I think I "learned" a lot today. There is something incredibly awesome about flying through the woods on singletrack. I found that I am pretty horrible at descents but was pretty good at climbing and maneuvering while doing so. So much fun! I am lucky enough that I work at a shop so getting a good deal on a mtb will be easy...now what to get?!...I know this thread is pointless, but I had to share my enthusiasm. I guess I've been hooked and will soon be posting a lot more around here in addition to the road forums.