I thought I was going to get the Garyfisher Mullet, but I ended up with a KHS Alite 500.
This bike had seemed to have better components, was MUCH lighter, the tires won't so fat (2.4"), but instead rather quite small(2.0"), but thats ok cause i'm not goin' to be doing any downhill anyway.

Pros: Shimano Alivio front + rear derailleurs (mullet had acera rear), Spinner Grind 120mm fork (mullet had 100mm splice), Truvativ X-flow crankset (instead of ****ty, some of it, bontrager components),super light frame and bike (7005 aluminum frame opposed to 6061 aluminum).

Neutrals: both have 24 speeds, mechanical disc brakes, doublewall (doubletrack) rims, awesome stems.

Cons(Neutral): I don't if this is really a con but the Mullet had an 8" rotor in the front while the Alite 500 has a 6". Anyways I heard the 8" rotor on the Mullet bent alot and it was to close too the fork. so............

yeah, I think it's a great bike so far and i can't wait to hit the jumps with it! BTW, It's the 15" frame.

Post back if ya got somethin' to say.