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    to upgrade or to buy new

    Hi guys.

    As I said in my introduction post, I currently have a Trek 800 sport thats possibly 8 years old, maybe more, maybe slightly less. It's in great condition though and I just added a new saddle to it (which i had bought for my old but stolen bike) but mostly all of it's components are the same as when bought I imagine. At the moment it has cantilever brakes and is 7 speed. It's 21" and i am 6'0 and 11stone which i think is 70kg or so.

    As I've said i do alot more commuting that off road riding but i don't want a full road bike because of the beaten path cycling that i do do. Perhaps a hybrid would be more my style.

    Now i'm at a juncture in my cycling life. Because this is an inherited bike.. it doesn't feel like my own (if you know what I mean). So i'm between upgrading it - to vbrakes, new stem and handlebar, new rear mech as you seem to highlight the importance of this part - or to buy a new bike from scratch. Now i don't have a huge amount of money to spend on a new bike and i was going to upgrade my bike slowly.

    I'm looking for suggestions, whether i should buy new or upgrade slowly. If i were to upgrade the first bit would be vbrakes. The local shop has told me that to upgrade to v's i would need to replace my levers and shifters as at the moment they are intergrated and would not work with vbrakes. so which vbrakes and shifters and such should i buy?

    I have looked at the GT Avalanche 3.0 disc 07 which looks good and is within my price range and also the Scott Voltage yz35 dic (i think that model) which is nice too.

    Am i asking too much.

    Cheers though.

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    Save money. Buy new (or buy a nice used bike for less money).

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