All right fellas. Bike is an 04' xtc2 with an xtr rear der and handlebars being the only upgrades on the bike. The rear der was on the bike when I bought it, I think it was a mistake by the LBS or something-never asked.

Anyways, the rear obviously shifts smooth and quick. The front however needs some improvement. The shifters and front der are both deore. I have to rotate my hole hand to utalize the thumb pattle. Then the shift itself is slow and nosier than it should be IMO. I've had the bike almost 3 years now and want an upgrade.

I notice there are a few different options for me to go with. Maily SRAM and Shimano components. Reading on MTBR, there seems to be a "I hate shimano" club that I don't really understand. Besides that though, the XTR shifters and front der recieve amazing reviews and would cost me around $250. The other option would be to switch to SRAM. From what I understand though, I can't run a SRAM shifter with the XTR rear der can I? Or am I wrong? I'd have to change both der's and shifters at the same time? Kind of confusing.

What do yall think? I ride nothing but XC and commute to work sometimes. I'd like to keep it lightweight as well.